Prayer Times in Shāwzêh Ghar

  • Fajar

    03:22 AM

  • Sunrise

    05:04 AM

  • Zohar

    12:10 PM

  • Asar

    03:56 PM

  • Magrib

    07:16 PM

  • Isha

    08:57 PM

Today Prayer Times in Shāwzêh Ghar

Introduction: Prayer is the best way of asking for guidance, forgiveness, and blessings from ALLAH. Observing the five daily prayers, known as Salat, is a fundamental aspect of a Muslim's life. Prayer is not only a way of communicating with the Divine but a reminder of the most significance of spirituality, which is performed daily. Here, you can see up-to-date daily prayer times in Shāwzêh Ghar. This allows the Muslims in Shāwzêh Ghar to perform their prayers at the designated hours.

Today's Prayer Times:

  • Fajar Prayer Time: 03:22 AM
  • Dhuhur Prayer Time: 12:10 PM
  • Asr Prayer Time: 03:56 PM
  • Maghrib Prayer Time: 07:16 PM
  • Isha Prayer Time: 08:57 PM

Significance of Prayer:

Muslims believe that prayer is a direct way to communicate with Allah. Azan, which is a call to prayer, reminds the faithful to pause from their daily activities and turn their attention to ALLAH. Azan is a reminder of Muslim's spiritual duties. It highlights the importance of prioritizing everyone's connection with Allah.

Prayer Timetable:

The timetable for daily prayers is a crucial resource for Muslims. It provides a complete schedule of prayer times. It also assures that individuals know the specified times for each prayer. This up-to-date timetable will guide all Muslims in planning their daily routines. Now, you can conveniently see the respective time for prayer in your busy life.

Connection with Allah:

Prayers are not just about fulfilling a religious obligation; they are also a source of solace, reflection, and connection. In life's challenges and trials, turning to Allah provides a sigh of relief. In this situation, prayer delivers comfort and a sense of belonging. Muslims believe that by bowing down in prayer, they humble themselves before Allah. This helps in seeking His guidance and mercy.

Devotion and Discipline:

Observing the daily prayers requires discipline and devotion. Regardless of the circumstances, Muslims strive to find a quiet and clean space to perform their prayers. This self-discipline cultivates a strong faith. The punctuality of these prayers is essential. It is required for all Muslims to pray on time. See the prayer time in Shāwzêh Ghar and show the commitment of your belief.

Monthly Prayer Times:

While the daily prayer times remain constant, the times for each prayer shift gradually throughout the year due to changes in sunrise and sunset. Muslims can refer to monthly prayer timetables to stay updated on the accurate prayer times for each day.